Pleasant Harbor Marina, Hood Canal
June 12th-14th

Pleasant Harbor Marina, Hood Canal

Hello OYC members attending this weekend's Rendez Vous at Pleasant Harbor Marina.  This gathering will be a little different given the physical distance guidelines we are living right now.  That said, we still want to be socially connected.  Ann Carey and Aileen Kelly will be our Fleet Captains for this low key weekend. They have two opportunities planned for anyone that would like to participate (both are physically distant and socially connected):  

Friday evening: Fleet Captains Welcome Wine Tasting Saturday late afternoon: Happy Hour & Games  

Bring your hand sanitizer and wipes!  And, just a friendly reminder, kindly do not board other boats unless invited.  

Safe travels!

Our Pleasant Harbor Rendezvous is happening!! This will be a low-key event given social distancing considerations.  A perfect opportunity to spend a quiet weekend away from the city!

Bring your kayaks and your hiking/walking shoes.  This will be a great trip to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise!

We have been told that the resort's restaurant will be open for take-out only. The pool will not be open.  South restrooms will be open. We will not organize a potluck dinner. Bring food and supplies to last the weekend. 

The marina is 42.5 nautical miles from Shilshole Marina. Check out our destination at Pleasant Harbor Marina.

Sign Up Deadline
June, 1st 2020

Pleasant Harbor Marina

Hood Canal

Fri, June 12, 4:00 pm - Sun, June 14, 12:00 pm


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