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Hello Yachties, As my Commodore year is coming to an end, I have realized I have not consistently posted the meeting minutes from each of our OYC Bridge and board meetings. My apologies. A big part of this is due to our transitioning through three different web sites this year. We started the year with Clubrunner and managing four different member data bases via Club Runner, Gmail, Facebook, Evite. In February, we evolved to our web site designed by our friend Drai hosted by Wix and still used ClubRunner website and the other data bases. Then in May, we launched our third web site Engineered by Board member Rusty Monette. Our third and final website is capable of hosting our member data base, producing Rendezvous invitations, and managing club finances and membership renewals. Rusty and I have a lot of updates planned during the slow times for him and his company early next year. Rusty's technical work has been pro-bono as well as his company is hosting our club web site free of charge. Our expenditures for our club web site have gone from $700/year to $100/year to 0 dollars/year. Our club is very financially healthy as we go into the end of boating season Holiday Fundraising Dinner and next years dues collection. As of the September board meeting we have $3,122.53 in checking, $8,100.53 in savings, Paypal has $100, for a total balance of 11,323.06.  For the past two years we tried holding board meetings at events. Mostly we found this was not productive, board and Bridge had to take time and focus away from the Rendezvous fun, and often we just didn't have time to hold a board meeting at OYC events. We have been holding meetings during the final quarter of the year during the week and we have been able to focus on the tasks at hand and able to perform more efficiently as a team and board. This year our incoming Commodore Leslie Norman, will establish board meeting locations and dates by January 1st for the entire year. Below are the minutes from our Boardmeeting held on September 23, 2016. The board has not yet approved the minutes for October, I will post them following Novembers board meeting. In the future the minutes will be posted as a word document on our OYCNW.org website. Your Commodore, Jodine Hatfield OLYMPIC YACHT CLUB BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING AGENDA September 21st, 2016 MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: 6:15 PM MEETING ADJOURNED: 7:39 PM Attending Board Members: Jodine Hatfield, Leslie Norman, Jeffrey McMullen, Viktor Blakely, Chris McDaniel, Mike Marquand Attending Guests: Commodore’s Report:  Approve Old Minutes – Leslie motions/Chris 2nds  Membership Picnic? Budget to be $500  The board approves the increase budget. Chris motions/Mike 2nd. Passed o Talked to Dan, excited to do it at his condo. Catering suggested. o Dan to plan the event and be the official host. o Speaker from the club; experiences, etc. Why is a great club. o Need a theme with activities or games.  Frank Perillo is a potential member  Jodine knows of a women who she’s been talking to on Facebook that is a potential member  Everyone is encouraged to invite people to attend. Free food.  Taxes have been filed.  Accounting yearly report within week. o Emailing back and forth with Shaun who will provide a detailed breakout.  Identity Statement o Scott provided a written identity statement. o Jodine has 4-5 different options that she will put together an anonymous poll.  Gear on hold for Logo design. o Decided to go with the old logo for the time being. Revisit for next year. o Carly does it for Tyee; talk to her about the company, process, etc. o Jodine to talk to Carly Vice Commodore’s Report:  Returning Members o Scott Wilburn and Michael Calderon rejoined; paid $100 for next year. o Any new member who’s pays after July 1, it applies to next year o Rear Commodore’s Report:  November Event  Rent a party bus for whirley ball o Bowling in West Seatlle to replace the whirleyball. o Jeff and Viktor to host the event; 2nd week of November. Pursor Report:  Checking Balance: $3,122.53  Savings Balance: $8,100.53  Paypal: $100.00  Income $100.69  Payments $81.00 to Ballard Mini Yeoman’s Report:  No Comments this meeting. Old Business:  Identity Statements - Done  Xmas Party and Committee o Mike will send out an email invite to the committee members, outside of the monthly membership meeting, within the next week. o Jodine, Leslie, Scott, Mike, Greg and Kurt so far on the committee  Catered again this year.  Keep an eye on the booze amount.  Contract for Ads o Mike provide a copy of the agreement. Jeff motions/Leslie 2nd. Passed o 8-10 spots available. o Rusty will prepare a couple of mock ups of the ads and provide to the group. o Companies will provide their own artwork. o Pursor to manage the advertising starting in 2017  Management and Invoicing of Ad Sales  Web site Update o Rusty has added a meeting minutes to the new website. He will work on adding the history and Chris to provide this year minutes. o Need to start posting the board meetings to the website. Rusty to make it more available.  Organize our storage space; hold off until winter.  A budget needs to be put together. Jodine is working with Shaun. New Business:  No new business

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