Happy New Year OYC!!!!
By Leslie Norman

Happy New Year OYC!!!!

Happy New Year OYC!!!!  I’m excited and honored to serve as your Commodore this year.  We have an amazing land and water event/cruising schedule for 2017.  We will start off the year with our traditional Boat Show Brunch hosted by myself and my lovely spouse, Jodine Hatfield at 10 am, Saturday January 28, 2017 at Chandler’s Boat House.  We are returning to some of our favorite ports, Brownsville, Shilshole, Port Orchard and Poulsbo and we have added Pleasant Harbor, La Connor and Tacoma to the schedule.  We are suggesting that members use the Shilshole Crabfest Rendezvous in July as a launch for a San Juan Cruise and that the Tacoma Rendezvous in August serve as a launch for a South Sound Cruise.

OYC has been such a source of friendship and fun for Jodine and I--- doing what we love---boating.  I love showing up for a rendezvous and having OYC members at the dock welcoming us, helping with lines and then the hugs as soon as we get settled.  When I first got into boating I made the statement one day “Sailing takes the dust bunnies off my soul” and that encapsulates how I feel about getting out on the water.  I know that our lives are busy and our calendars get filled up with all the activities that make up our lives.  I hope you will put the OYC schedule on your calendar today so that you can track events and attend as many as events as possible.  In addition, some rendezvous’ still need fleet captains and maybe you will consider stepping up to that role which is a lot of fun.

My goals for this year are bulleted below.

  • Website (oycnw.org): Complete our current goals with the website. For example, moving all communication through the website (not having multiple locations for information like evite etc…)  By 2018 have the website the way we want it except for general up-keep. This will include the work we started with revising and editing the text of our website.
  • Communication:  I’d like to see an overall increase in communication between members.  I’m asking you to respond to blogs, evites, Facebook posts even it’s an emoji but hopefully more.  Let’s turn some of those “seen” into an interaction.  I’d like to encourage you to write your own article of interest.  For example, Wendell wrote some wonderful Safety blogs last year.  If you have a topic to share with the club, please do.  
  • Outreach: I want to continue to increase our membership.  Last year we had 13 new members join and I’d like to see that trend continue.  Remember personal invites work the best.  Also, I’d like to see an increase of family and friends at our events.  It is easy to invite family and friends to attend the Saturday night dinner at a Rendezvous weekend for example.  I’m interested in reaching out to Gay and Lesbian organizations at local universities and inviting this group to a day on the water with us.  This is one of those ideas that I’d love feedback about.  I am interested in this group because they are adults and we won’t have insurance issues and it’s a chance to reach out to young people and turn them on to boating.
  • Giving Back to Our Community:  I’d like to come up with some local gay and lesbian youth organizations that we can support through financial contributions or volunteer opportunities.  Please let me know if you support this idea and send in your recommendations of organizations.

Our club is a sanctuary for our culture.  This is an important time to infuse our club with even more love and invite people to join us so we can build support for our community into the future.  

Wishing you the best start to the New Year,
Leslie Norman

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