Commodore Leslie’s Weekly Blog

Commodore Leslie’s Weekly Blog
Hey, Hey, Hey, What’s Up Buttercup?

What’s up with OYC------the most amazing boating club ever: Next Rendezvous is at the lovely Port Orchard Marina June 16 to 18----with friendly marina staff and a funky downtown with hidden treasures.

Please reach out and let club members when and where you are cruising your boat-----if you want to meet up with other members spontaneously (reach out through OYC Facebook and/or Member website Check-in from

Leslie and Jodine and life aboard Fraid Knot: quote of the week “I always forget what I have to go through to learn my surroundings in a new boat and how many bruises and stubbed toes it takes until my body learns the way”. Can anyone else relate to this?

Nautical History: There are few of us who at one time or another have not been admonished to "mind our P's and Q's," or in other words, to behave our best. Oddly enough, "mind your P's and Q's" had nautical beginnings as a method of keeping books on the waterfront.

In the days of sail when Sailors were paid a pittance, seamen drank their ale in taverns whose keepers were willing to extend credit until payday. Since many salts were illiterate, keepers kept a tally of pints and quarts consumed by each Sailor on a chalkboard behind the bar. Next to each person's name, a mark was made under "P" for pint or "Q" for quart whenever a seaman ordered another draught.

On payday, each seaman was liable for each mark next to his name, so he was forced to "mind his P's and Q's" or he would get into financial trouble. To ensure an accurate count by unscrupulous keepers, Sailors had to keep their wits and remain somewhat sober. Sobriety usually ensured good behavior, hence the meaning of "mind your P's and Q's."

Upcoming OYC Events!
Member cruise

OYC Board Meeting
next board meeting is June 19, 6:30 pm in Seattle

Most Dangerous Catch / Kingston
Crab Fest Returns!

The Love Boat
Port Townsend

To be announced
Gig Harbor - Murder Mystery Event