For those of you who do not know me, my name is Wendell Brunk. Effective yesterday at the OYC board meeting. I became Commodore of the Olympic Yacht Club. Leslie has resigned. We thank her for her tireless service to the club and the community. Moving forward, we have a wonderful group of men and women who have stepped forward to serve on the 2018 OYC Board of Directors, we will have them out to the membership for a vote in approximately two weeks time, then the board will select a bridge from those board members. 

Our goals for next year are to bring fun back to the number one priority for our club, leaving drama with no place to dwell amongst us. We will run a tighter ship, going back to following the advice of the Bylaws, and stricter accounting of funds coming in and going out. We want to leave behind a strong legacy, so our club can continue to prosper and grow for many years to come.

What that means to the member. Hopefully, it will mean the rendezvous will continue to be places of fun, fellowship, and camaraderie. To be reimbursed for expenditures, however, you will need to keep all paper receipts, turn them into an OYC board member, in a timely manner. There is a set budget for each rendezvous, to be determined by the 2018 OYC board. We ask all fleet captains to please stick to the budget allotted for reimbursement. If you wish to go "all out" FANTASTIC, however, you will only be reimbursed going forward for your budgeted amount. Running a non-profit club has its perks, but those perks come with responsibility. We just want to be good stewards of the funds entrusted to the board and keep our non-profit status secure.

i can't wait to see you all at the next event, which is of course our OYC Bowling Night at West Seattle Bowl. This event is always a hoot! The West Seattle Bowl has amazing food, our host Viktor and Jeffrey have come up with some FANTASTIC prizes. You dont want to be left out in the cold, come join us!

Fair Winds,

Wendell Brunk
Olympic Yacht Club

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