Welcome to Olympic Yacht Club

We are members and supporters of the Seattle area’s LGBTQ community who enjoy boating together in the Pacific Northwest. Our club was established in 1979. Its primary purpose is to provide safe and fun boating activities for our members, along with their families and guests. Our yearly schedule includes weekend on-water rendezvous and land-based social events.

We strive to provide friendship and companionship while sharing and improving our boating skills. We believe in protecting the environment and the natural beauty of our local waterways, and we courteously share waterways, anchorages, and docks with other boaters.

We welcome both power boaters and sailors of all experience levels. Some of our members have recently bought their first boat. Others have put hundreds or even thousands of miles under their keels.

Upcoming OYC Events!!

Wed, December 31 - Wed, December 31


If you'd like to get to know our club and our members, you can attend one of our outings or social events before you join.Contact us for more information. If you are ready to become a member of our fun boating club, then please join us!